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Recycled Natural Leather

Is made by shredding leather scraps and leather fibers, then mixing it with natural bonding materials.
 The ultra smooth surface, the color resistance, the water repellent,  and the long lasting life of products are some of the features that make the recycled natural leather a unique material

Recycled Natural Leather

Eco cellulose fibers (ECF)

Breathable fabric made from natural raw materials like cellulose fiber, water and natural latex. The advantage of  the ECF product: washable, high resistance in time, homogeneity of colors.

Eco cellulose fibers (ECF)

Natural cork and wool accesories

Both reusable and recyclable, cork is a fantastic eco friendly material and very appreciated for durability, lightness, impermeability  and unmistakable natural soft touch.
Some of our products are completed with colored, soft and warm touch wool small parts.

Natural cork and wool accesories


From each handmade invitation to any craft made cork cover notebook,
all our products includes different papers and cardboards:
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificated
natural colors
soft or rough touch

All these contributes to follow our logo:
Craft & Design 
and to inspire warmth, authenticity, personality.

Sustainable Concepts

From the beginning, our main goal has been to be responsibly in all projects  we are involved in.

Criterias to reach our company’s goals:
Goods made from environmentally friendly materials.

Upcycling design: 
Goods whose row material coming from waste/used materials.

Handmade concept:
To promote craftsmanship as an alternative to industrial, non-personal, mass production.

Even is still seen like a niche topic, the consumers’ increasing interest in sustainable products could be felt and our ambition to act responsibly, as well.


The ingredients
creative minds  -  technical production approach  -  passion for craftsmanship

The dish
 Product design that speaks a simple and clear language.

The „salt&pepper”
 It is rather the simplicity’s designs which catches the eye

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